Great company to deal with. All transactions went smoothly and delivery was on time. 

-Robert Frankenfield

Very effective, it works well and is easy to use, very discreet. I would recommend it to a friend. -Enrique P.

I have been using Bonro Medical's services for over 15 years now and have always been very satisfied with their prompt, courteous and reasonable response to my needs. -R.W. Lynn

Professional in every transaction and product. -Terry M.

Your equipment is very beneficial for persons who are suffering from ED-K.K

Product is very well made, and with some degree of practice it proves very effective while accomplishing it's stated goal. my wife and I are both very pleased with it, and I would highly recommend it to anyone in search of a dependable method of achieving a renewed intimate love life. -Randy Smith

Great results as always -Roddy H.

I have had excellent experience with this device. It took a few times to figure out what size ring to use, but other than that it works consistently.

-Tom L.

A high quality product that is simple in design and very effective at producing desirable results. I'm very pleased with this product. -Nick C.

Excellent product and customer service. -Clifford H.

My husband and I purchased the Vacurect. We wish to say a big “Thank You” for making intimacy possible for us. After trying different brands of the pills with no success, we saw your ad. We have been married a year now, and have just begun to enjoy each other.

Thanks again, Satisfied Wife from Ellwood City, PA


I’ve been using the VACURECT, and want you to know that the system delivers as promised, and I am a satisfied user.

For the past seven years, I’ve used the (competitor’s system). It was always effective in that it created a very rigid erection. However, it was cumbersome to use, and was occasionally a bit painful. At times, it seemed like what I imagine a medieval torture device might look like.

Thank you for developing such a simple, effective, and convenient system which adds greatly to a healthy and satisfying sex life. I am convinced that this system adds greatly to the quality of life and psychological well-being of young veterans, and others, who have lost that function through paralysis and other injuries. It has the same results for old guys like me. I’m 73.

Thanks again.

Satisfied customer from South Attleboro, MA