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What Is The Vacurect™?

The Vacurect™ is a Revolutionary vacuum erection device used to treat erectile dysfunction. It mimics the natural erection process by drawing the blood in to the penis for you and maintains the erection by using a soft silicone disc.

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One Piece System


I can tell that the blood flow I am getting from using the Vacuret is helping to rehabilitate my penis after my prostate surgery. I hope to recover fully but have not accomplished that yet. I have definitely had a lot of progress.

Maurice C.

Everyone I have had any contact with at your office,has been great! Always goes goes way beyond the norm. Very knowledgeable of your products. Thanks.

Kelly W.

This changed my life around after surgery , thanks

Francis M.

Best Product Available!! Thanks!


Quick and discreet


A very good device and gives excellent results. I tried several other automatic devices, but they are certainly not as good as the manual device. It is also very easy to use. Thanks for this easy to use, but efficient device.

Walter L.

Your erectile dysfunction pump continues to function well. I had to get some new rings after 5 years but with the advice from you to always use aqueous gel the rings have stood well. I have referred the system and I am proud to sign this note.

-Alan W. Gunsel, MD; Retired Family Physician